[jdev] PyMSNt 0.8 released

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Sun Dec 5 00:18:38 CST 2004

Hi everybody.

After quite a long delay (been busy at school and work) I've finally 
gotten around to making another release of PyMSNt.

New in this release:
* Message Events (JEP0022) support, aka Typing Notification
* Beginnings of HTTPS proxy support (not functional yet)
* Checks PID file on startup to make sure another instance of PyMSNt 
isn't running
* Multiple resources support should work (No really! It should)
* Fixed some memory leaks and other bugs

It runs stable enough for me, and there are a lot of fixes over the 
previous version. Please upgrade to test it out, and let me know about 
any problems you have.




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