[jdev] Re: Presence packets bottleneck on huge rosters

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Dec 9 10:13:12 CST 2004

> I am not sure that its a company policy or rational behavior issue.

> I have seen users that can not login to a precreated account when
> there password is something as simple as "Dog".  There are some
> amazing folks out there.  People that add everyone on the server to
> their rosters, that add the company phonebook to their cellphones,
> etc...just in case they should every need it...so some such rationale.

Sure but you cannot really state it as a proper real world situation if its 
only an extremely small minority that are really just misusing the software 

Another potential solution to prevent this misuse is to do what other IM 
services do and simply limit the number of contacts users can have in their 
roster at the server level, as if users have say 1000 contacts it will 
probably be more than the server that will be feeling the strain, the client 
will likely be a bit slow too and will likely be consuming a lot more RAM.

But anyway if the already mentioned solutions do not really help then I 
would suggest not expending too much time trying to fix what isnt really a 
problem in most cases, it will also help push people into doing things the 
right way to solve their performance problems when they do something like 


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