[jdev] Re: Flash Patch

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Dec 16 13:45:30 CST 2004

In article <0I8T00CL0YGZYU at mta7.srv.hcvlny.cv.net>,
 Dan Plesse <dplesse at optonline.net> wrote:

> Hello Flash Jabbers, 
>       I am testing a FLEX XIFF beta based client which connects to
> zeus.jabber.org:5222 as the server but the socket keeps dropping. Does that
> mean jabber.org is the problem? Does anyone have or know of a server which I
> can test a connection on using flash? Thanks 

I'll check with our server admins to determine if we are running the 
Flash "patch" ( = hack) at jabber.org.


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