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Neil Stevens neil at hakubi.us
Wed Dec 22 02:05:36 CST 2004

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On Tuesday 21 December 2004 08:24 am, Bresler, Jonathan wrote:
> Folks,
> It is surprising that the source files for jabberd14 and jabberd2
> do not contain the "$Id" string used by RCS / CVS / SVN(?)
> To mark each file with its version number.
> These $Id$ make it much easier to discuss the files.
> "see version 1.58 of jabberd14/jabberd/jabber.c"
> Rather than, " the version checked into CVS on 2004-12-21 15:00"
> Your thoughts?
> Is this idea complete whacked?

The idea makes merging harder because it adds unnecessary conflicts (as any 
two branches will have conflicts in the Id line), and isn't necessary to 
acheive your goal of knowing what version was checked out.  The sandbox 
knows the version you checked out; use cvs status:

> cvs status index.rhtml
File: index.rhtml       Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:    1.46    Tue Dec 21 03:22:20 2004
   Repository revision: 1.46    /home/neil/.cvs/neil/index.rhtml,v
   Sticky Tag:          (none)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      (none)

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