[jdev] Re: Use of $Id$ in source files

Neil Stevens neil at hakubi.us
Wed Dec 22 09:11:58 CST 2004

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On Wednesday 22 December 2004 07:12 am, Thomas Charron wrote:
> On Wednesday 22 December 2004 03:05 am, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > The idea makes merging harder because it adds unnecessary conflicts
> > (as any two branches will have conflicts in the Id line), and isn't
> > necessary to acheive your goal of knowing what version was checked
> > out.  The sandbox
>   Umm..  $Id$ does NOT add any additional conflicts.  It's a special
> text string that is actually stored and considered to be, $Id$, and NOT
> the string that the version represents.  The string presented is the one
> the sandbox considers it to be, and it allows the version information to
> be present in CVS exports for release builds and the such..

That only applies when you're using CVS as your only tool, which rules out 
such nifty things as graphical three-way mergers.

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