[jdev] RE: Re: Re: Parsing XMPP/Jabber protocol

Maxym Gorodetskyy maxgor at topletter.com
Wed Dec 29 13:36:10 CST 2004

I am in the beginning of my way, that is why probably I am so optimistic.
The main goal of my project is to understand why people like so much XML.
I just started looking at XMPP protocol as well.
For a moment I can see only one problem: it is reading XML from socket and
parse it on the fly.

JD Conley wrote:

> I think we'd all agree.  But if you parse through the code in all the
> open source libraries posted earlier you'll most likely find nobody has
> been able to do it without being tricky.  Even though the XMPP code I
> work on isn't available, I can say that our XMPP parser is tricky as
> well.  It seems stream based XML parsers need another rev before they're
> up for the task of XMPP without intervention.
> JD
Best regards
Maxym Gorodetskyy

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