[JDEV] Jabber client for Symbian or J2ME?

Mark Kunzmann m25 at gmx.ch
Tue Feb 3 13:23:46 CST 2004


I was wondering whether there are any efforts out there towards building a
versatile Jabber client for mobile phones based on either Symbian UIQ or
J2ME. The two I've found most promising have some issues:

TipicME has a nice interface but is proprietary software and -- even
worse -- uses their proxy server between it and the Jabber server. This is
especially undesirable for unencrypted conversations. What's more,
development seems to have stopped a while ago.

mJabber is proprietary and actually looks OK but will not connect on my
SonyEricsson P900.

Mobile phones seem an ideal platform for IM and Jabber based services. I'm
somewhat surprised by the lack of decent client software. Any suggestions --
perhaps even some Java libraries suitable for use in a J2ME environment --
would be much appreciated!


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