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Trejkaz Xaoza trejkaz at xaoza.net
Thu Feb 5 04:44:31 CST 2004

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On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 11:00, Bob Phan wrote:
> I'm going to fork Net::Jabber and XML::Stream to implement the new
> component protocol.  I'm not sure how backwards compatible it'll end up
> being, so I'm going to fork.  If it ends up not being to difficult, I'll
> probably merge my changes back into the main modules and add some switch
> to object instantiation to allow use of the J2 protocol.

If you were to do this, I would suggest naming the new package Net::XMPP.  
Then when every server in the whole world is using XMPP we can silently 
dispense with Net::Jabber and the remaining, working library will have the 
appropriate name. :-D

> It seems that the major changes will be in the xmlns handling,
> handshaking, and adding a Bind method.

Indeed components effectively login the same way as clients now.  The only 
difference is the namespace of the data they send.

Another major difference between the two protocols is the way errors are 
formatted.  You'll notice instead of using error codes they now use 
descriptive error child elements.

> so you guys should expect a full fledged logging component for J2.

Now that sounds like a good idea.  Anything which makes my own commercial code 
obsolete in favour of open source is a Good Thing[TM].


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