[jdev] Net::Jabber and Lost connection!.

Alberto De Boni warfox at neobe.it
Fri Jul 9 04:10:17 CDT 2004

Hi all,
    i'm developing a simple jabber robot. I'm using Perl Net::Jabber 
module version 1.29.
All works almost fine... the only odd thing happens when i lost 
connection to master server.
In this case Process function return an undef....
I'm trying to close previous connection, then make a new one using Same 
object and Connect function.
But as soon as i try to Send Presence, Jabber told me that :

There was an error in the last call to Process that you did not check 
for and
handle.  You should always check the output of the Process call.  If it was
undef then there was a fatal error that you need to check.  There is an 

So.. what is the correct way to handel Lost Connection?


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