[jdev] How a client can reach jabberd 2 component

Raghuveer Reddy rthummal at csnet.cs.odu.edu
Mon Jul 12 18:50:06 CDT 2004

I am struggling from past 10 days for building a component for jabberd 2. I am trying out a simple component which just echos packets. For doing this as documentation says I am trying to connect to port 5347 and authenticating with the secret information as mentioned in router.xml. Once authenticated component waits for an incoming packet. I am using jabber:component:accept method to connect to server.
At the client side I am trying to send a packet to componet in order to test it. But I do not know the jid of the component so that my message stanza from client reaches component. I just get an error 502 message from the server what ever I try. I was trying all weird things like ip address of the machine on which component is running, and so onn. I tried adding users to router-users.xml but thats not affecting any thing. Tried playing around with alias tag in router.xml but in vain.
Even when connecting to jabber server from component I did not require a jid. So I was wondering how can I communicate with the component from my client.
Can somebody tell me how I can reach component from client. I have gone through much of the documentation for jabberd 2 but did not find any info. I tried looking at other components even but did not find any for jabberd 2. All I found were for jabber 1.4 which operate with JCR for jabberd 2.

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