[jdev] RE: writting new component to Jabberd2

Sheetal D Hiroji sdhiroji at india.hp.com
Tue Jul 13 23:20:14 CDT 2004

   Yes, I am able to add a new component to the jabberd2 to perform some
customized task. The new componet is able to receive and send packets to
router. Am still working on development of the component.

What i did is, Compiled the jabberd2 in debug mode, enabled the debugging
option while starting the Jabberd2 servers, then from the log files studied
the packet formats and handsheks. Then I used the mu-conference as a
reference to learn how it registers to jabber. The JCR library is very much
useful to start development of the new component in C.

Still I need to find lots of other things means how to get the presence
information of a jid etc. Any help will be extremly useful.


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Have you found the right way?

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> Hi,
>     I am trying to write a new component to the jabberd system which will
> some customized functionality. I will be using  the jabberd2 server's
> opensource code. I have knowledge about the Jabber architecture and
> functionality. Can some of you here help me on following queries:
> 1) Are there any sample programs available to understand the structure or
> model of a new component to be added into Jabber system?
> 2) Where can I get the useful documentation regarding the component-server
> handsheks? connection methods (like 'accpet' etc)? configuration files?
> Any useful information from new component development point of view would
> greatly useful.
> Thankx,
> Sheetal.

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