[jdev] Few newbie questions about a jabber server

Tomasz Bury ait at op.pl
Tue Jul 20 03:25:33 CDT 2004

Alexey Nezhdanov wrote:

>>- Can i made some business rules in my application? Like, 3 users (a,b,c)
>>user a and b cant talk, but user c can talk with both of them.
>With jabberd2 you can use privacy rules to drop messages between users but 
>this will be user-configurable. You have to patch jabberd2 to make such rules 
>"in stone".


I'm doing similar thing. I've got a web application with it's own 
user/permission database and now I add jabber module. You don't have to 
patch jabberd2 to freeze the business rules. You can put the business 
rules into the (web) client and hide it from users. You can also drop 
connections to the jabbedr2 from anyone but your web app, to make sure 
your users won't overrule the settings you made with a standard jabber 

About authentication: there's a "pipe" module. I use it to authenticate 
users that exists in the "master" application. It's also quite easy to 
setup jabberd2 to silently add "jabber" user if  the "master" user 
exist. This option was made for LADP but it works perfectly for me.


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