[jdev] Wanted: Jabber 2.0 for Windows & 2.0 Docs

Geir Ove Skjærvik geiroves at online.no
Wed Jun 2 15:16:35 CDT 2004


Will it ever happen? (currently running 1.4.2 & my own Jabber Library) After
all, having Jabber on Windows as well, will only **increase** your market
share and the public's awareness of the product, and give MS some more
competition :-)

And: I also cannot find any Docs for 2.0: I mean WHAT is implemented in the
current 2.0 release?

Sorry, I am not "2Linux-aware" and have no Linux computer to install the
current 2.0....

Any feedback / help is appreciated.

Geir Ove Skjaervik


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