[jdev] JabberApplet - Dead or Alive?

Alto George georgealto at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 16:58:04 CDT 2004

I've spent several hours trying to get JabberApplet to
work on my system but was not successful. SO I decided
to search the mailing lists to see if my problem had
already been addressed.

To my surprise, it seems from past emails on this list
that JabberApplet is dead. Is that true?

I thought it was alive and well and an active project
since it jabberstudio showed last activity as recent
as May 28, 2004

Does anyone know? Am I wasting my time with a dead

The other question (assuming it is alive) is whether
JabberApplet will work with Jabber2. That is the
environment that I'm having a hard time trying to get
to work.


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