[jdev] JabberApplet - Dead or Alive?

Trejkaz Xaoza trejkaz at xaoza.net
Wed Jun 2 17:11:19 CDT 2004

It's _pretty much_ dead, but that being said, I have managed to get it to 
connect to jabberd 2.0 before.

What errors are you getting?


On Thu, 3 Jun 2004 07:58, Alto George wrote:
> I've spent several hours trying to get JabberApplet to
> work on my system but was not successful. SO I decided
> to search the mailing lists to see if my problem had
> already been addressed.
> To my surprise, it seems from past emails on this list
> that JabberApplet is dead. Is that true?
> I thought it was alive and well and an active project
> since it jabberstudio showed last activity as recent
> as May 28, 2004
> (http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/JabberApplet/project/view.php)
> Does anyone know? Am I wasting my time with a dead
> project?
> The other question (assuming it is alive) is whether
> JabberApplet will work with Jabber2. That is the
> environment that I'm having a hard time trying to get
> to work.
> Thanks,
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