[jdev] Run JabberD As WindowXP/2000 Service

Tim Anderson TimA at predator-software.com
Thu Jun 3 19:35:57 CDT 2004

PLAN A: Make use of cygrunsrv.exe from cygwin.com to convert
JabberD-1.4.2.exe to win(XP) service
PLAN B: make use INSTSRV.exe from M$ to install JabberD-1.4.2.exe as win

I'd vote for PLAN C: Add the service entry points and make it a real
service. Since jabberd runs in a box it should be fairly straight forward to
convert it. It's not trivial, but it seems much less work than trying to
mess around with these lame conversion utilities.

tima at predator dash software dot com

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