[jdev] Whiteboard.

Mats Bengtsson matben at privat.utfors.se
Sun Jun 6 08:54:56 CDT 2004

Agree completely. As said before, the subset of SVG called Tiny SVG (SVGT)
is the more likely candidate. No need to invent one ourselves.
BUT, even SVGT is really large, and a complete implementation very demanding.
SVG is, of course, targeted to static documents, which means they can do
editing on the xml document itself. We cannot do that since we only
have a stream of xml floating back and forth. This introduces a number
of complications, editing commands, synchronization etc.
The actual drawing is handled with SVG(T), but we need to add extra
elements for editing at least. Also, every element must be uniquely
identifiable, so we need to add an id tag. And the synchronization...

Also, SVG doesn't add any default bindings to elements, but they all have
to be defined in the document using scripts, like moving and other editing...
We, on the other hand, already know we have a drawing tool, and therefore
expects some standard bindings for moving, scaling etc.
Only if some nonstandard bindings are necessary for particular functionality,
additional scripts must be supplied. This raises more questions usw...

There are no newlines in SVG, but we expect to have multiline text. Problems.

Well, just some thoughts. If someone is willing to put some effort into
this, I'm willing to continue with my experimental implementation in
the Coccinella client.


> On Fri, 4 Jun 2004 05:15, Rodolfo Gonzalez Gonzalez wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > is there any active whiteboard JEP?... I found out that JEP-10 was such a
> > JEP, but was obsoleted (?). Any effort in this sense, apart from
> > Coccinella?.
> There was one other client (Neos) which had implemented Whiteboarding (so 
> perhaps some effort towards standardisation wouldn't be a bad idea, now that 
> there are at least two working clients...)

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