[jdev] Re: jdev Digest, Vol 5, Issue 7 - Component Template sample in C

Doug Byrd douglas.byrd at thesellingsource.com
Mon Jun 7 12:47:56 CDT 2004

The JCR documentation from Paul Curtis states that you compile your
standalone component against the library and use the main.c

main.c code documentation indicates a packet delivery thread (class GThread)
and a receive packet event loop (class GMainLoop)

Is there a generic template around in C or C++ that impliments nothing but
the barebones of what is needed in a component.
I just need to anaylze packets coming into the server for an embedded tag.
If the tag is detected, I will send a message to another client.
Nothing fancy, but I can not locate a understandable skelton to work from.

Jabber Component Developmenbt guide and Intoduction to Componets are
providing a good understanding of how a componet works and why.

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