[jdev] File transfer: "deficiency in the protocol"?

Craig Hollabaugh craig at hollabaugh.com
Tue Jun 8 06:05:13 CDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-06-08 at 03:50, Mattias Campe wrote:
> I like Jabber very much, but file transfer has always been a problem. I 
> don't have much time (now) to do research on this, but I've tried a JAJC 
> <-> Trillian Pro, a Psi <-> Exodus and a Psi <-> Trillian Pro file 
> transfer. Others tried a Trillian Pro <-> Trillian Pro. All of them 
> didn't work.

More for your list
Linux gaim v0.77
W2000 exodus
Linux jabberd 1.4.3
Lan connection

4MB mp3 file transfer

exodus -> gaim  
  3 of 4 file transfers fail
  the file transfer starts, bytes are transfered
    gaim reports transfer failed
    gaim's transfer details say the file transfered all but 1 byte
    unix cmp reports files differ
    exodus reports nothing, no dialog, no error
  same results running exodus on XP
gaim -> exodus
  4 of 4 file transfers successful

gaim -> gaim
  4 of 4 file transfers successful

exodus -> exodus
  4 of 4 file transfers successful

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