[jdev] File transfer: "deficiency in the protocol"?

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at UGent.be
Tue Jun 8 06:58:37 CDT 2004

Mattias Campe wrote:
> I've read (more like a "quick look" due to lack of time) the Psi-forums 
> and what I've read on [1] was "This is a deficiency in the Jabber 
> protocol, what can I say? I tried to argue for this extension almost two 
> years ago, but it didn't work out."

My apologies, but it seems that I ripped this out of his context (thx to 
maqi for pointing me on this). It wasn't on purpose, but my mistake due 
to lack of time. Sorry about that...

maqi said:
 > It would probably help not to quote without context. Infinity said
 > this concerning the problem that a Jabber client can't query the
 > server for its IP (which is not directly related to file transfer).


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