[jdev] Archive - receive callback archival

Siracusa, David siracusa at sig.com
Wed Jun 9 10:47:24 CDT 2004


1. I need to persist the archive messages in a database.  I can't save
off the whole XML in a blob.  I could really use the maximum (or likely)
sizes encountered in the archive xml route (receive) callback in order
to setup/correct the schema.

My predecessor defined the following:
	route -> direction  		- 	varchar2(16 byte)
not null,
	route -> timestamp   	-	date                    not
	route -> to          	-	varchar2(1024 byte)     not
	route -> type        	-	varchar2(64 byte)       not
	message -> id         	-	varchar2(64 byte)       not
	message -> from        	-	varchar2(1024 byte)     not
	message -> to          	-	varchar2(1024 byte)     not
	message -> type        	- 	varchar2(64 byte)       not
	message -> xmlns       	-	varchar2(1024 byte),
	message -> subject     	-	varchar2(1024 byte),
	message -> thread      	-	varchar2(1024 byte),
	message -> body        	-	varchar2(4000 byte),
	message -> error       	-	varchar2(1024 byte),
	message -> error_code  	-	number(9),

I found
df which helps some.

Some columns seem too big while others too small.  For example I can
send body text greater than 4k from client to client.

Dave Siracusa


A sample xml route transcript looks like:
		to='archive at archive.company.com' 
			from='siracusa at jabber.company.com/Desktop' 
			to='user at jabber.company.com' type='chat' 
			<body>Body Text</body>
			<subject>Message# 1</subject>

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