[jdev] Gabber 1.9.4 Released

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Fri Jun 11 23:45:09 CDT 2004

Gabber 2. Gtk 2 Jabber client.



This release is quite an upgrade for those of you actually using 1.9.3. 
We still have a little way to go before we have something I would 
consider worthy of a "2.0" (But I do promise you we will have such a 
release sooner rather than later!), but this version is definitely to 
the point where we can start getting people to actually test it and all 

It's known to build and run well on Mac OS X (albeit under X11 :( ). 
Temas is working on a new release of Cranberry (the Win32 version of 

The README is actually rather up-to-date.


2004-06-11 Gabber 1.9.4
         * Chat text entry automatically expands (thanks Gossip)
         * Fix bug with closing Group Chat Join dialog (Luke Renn)
         * Contact List backend rewritten (AGAIN)
         * Contact Info now displays some client capabilities
         * Add Contact Dialog now supports registration of gateways
         * Standalone Messages can now display embedded URIs
         * Added support for translations (none have been contributed 

Hrm, and there are other niceties like history viewing and such.


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