[jdev] Jabber Certification Program

Dave Smith dizzyd at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 09:54:02 CDT 2004


I would offer one thought about this "Should I implement Experimental JEPs"
question that seems to be arising from the discussion about certification.

The original point of the JEP was that it was an extension PROPOSAL and as
such, it was assumed that whomever was making the proposal would offer some
proof-of-concept. I.e. if you write a JEP, be prepared to back up your words
with actions.

We have, for better or worse, evolved into a society where JEPs are put forth
by people who have no intention of actually implementing, they are just 
writing a JEP because they _think_ the extension would be cool. Perhaps
the fundamental disagreement over experimental JEPs is derived from this


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