[jdev] router component

Remy HAREL remy.harel at GICM.FR
Tue Jun 22 09:51:56 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm working on the file "router.c", in the router component. I would 
like to log the entire value of the nad, in the _router_sx_callback 
function to study it in a first time. I've found this function header :

    void nad_print(nad_t nad, int elem, char **xml, int *len)

  but I don't understand why I would have to specify  'elem' and how I 
could know the length "len". I would like to print all the nad, not just 
one elem.  And does someone know how I could get the value of 'len' ?

 I have a nad, and I want a char*, so passing the length is ok, but an 
element....don't understand.

 Best regards and many thanks for feedback,

Remy Harel - remy.harel at gicm.fr
G.I.C.M - Distributed Systems & IT
Linux Registered User #224740

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