[jdev] Patch available for recent yahoo problems

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Fri Jun 25 12:18:04 CDT 2004


Yahoo decided to start a war against third party clients, and changed
its protocol again. 1 day later, all the major free IM clients were

I backported gaim's changes to the Yahoo Transport. I sticked as closely
as possible to gaim's code, so future changes will be easy to implement.

My patch is available on


Apply it, recompile, and enjoy. Make sure your are using
scs.msg.yahoo.com, not scs.yahoo.com.

pcurtis : I did some hacks (#defines) so future changes will be easy to
integrate. It doesn't add any warning, so I would recommend to release a
new version of the transport ASAP with this patch. I must admit I didn't
test the code intensively, but it was probably well tested by gaim.
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