[jdev] Re: Data forms, jabber:iq:register, jabber:x:data and the <x/> tag

Magnus Henoch mange at freemail.hu
Tue Mar 30 14:15:33 CST 2004

"Dr. Craig Hollabaugh" <craig at hollabaugh.com> writes:

> Of the clients that exist, which one is closest to having Ad-Hoc
> support?

The CVS version of jabber.el (http://emacs-jabber.sourceforge.net)
partly supports it.  It doesn't yet support multi-step commands,
mainly since I had no motivation to implement it as no components use
it.  It wouldn't be very hard to do, though.

And yes, it is an Emacs-based client, which may or may not be what you

> Or better yet, which client best supports <x/> extentions for
> jabber:iq:register?

jabber.el does that too.  Other clients probably do as well, but I
don't know for sure which ones.


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