[jdev] Re: writing components for jabberd2

Maciej Dziardziel fiedzia at fiedzia.prv.pl
Thu May 6 19:22:31 CDT 2004

Robert Norris wrote:

>> <presence/> tag is not within route tags.
>> So it is not clear, whether all packet shoud be in <route>.
> All "normal" packets sent between two components go inside <route/>.
> "Special-purpose" packets (like domain advertisements) that the router
> issues don't, since they're not "from" anyone, per-se.

Is presence packet one of those "special"? As i understand, when components
binds to domain (sending only <bind> tag) other components automaticly
receive (un<routed>) <presence> packet, but what about sending <presence>
(with status)?

Maciej "Fiedzia" Dziardziel (fiedzia (at) fiedzia (dot) prv (dot) pl)

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