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Remy HAREL remy.harel at GICM.FR
Fri May 7 10:14:08 CDT 2004

Hi M at tthias ;)

  I don't understand why I would have to use x-prep profiles, I make the 
md5 sum of the jid_full(sess->jid) and it works fine. Yet, my problem is 
to know if remy at gabber.gicm.net/Gabber and Remy at gabber.gicm.net/Gabber 
are the same users or not. If they are, my md5 sum is perfect, but if 
not, I would have to use your x-prep profile.

  Am I wrong ??

  Thanks, good week-end

Matthias Wimmer wrote:

>Hi Remy!
>Remy HAREL schrieb am 2004-05-07 14:46:01:
>>  Still in my project to make jabberd 2 an high availibility 
>>application, I'm currently adding datas in xmpp packets. These datas are 
>>MD5 hashed, and among these data there is the full_jid ( i.e. : 
>>remy.harel at jabber.gicm.net/Gabber for example ).
>>   The main problem is to know which of the three parts of this 
>>full_jid are case sensitive, because if case is ignored I could have two 
>>differents md5 sums for the same full jid. If i'm not clear, the md5 
>>sums for 'remy' and 'Remy' are differents. For a non sensitive case 
>>application it would be the same person if we work on name but two 
>>differents persons if we work on names'md5sums.
>None of the parts are case-sensitive and non of them are
>case-insensitive. You have to use different string-prep profiles to
>check if two are the same.
>Therefore to hash them you first have to normalize them using stringprep
>with the nodeprep profile for the user part, the nameprep profile for
>the domain part and the resourceprep profile for the resource part.
>Tot kijk
>    Matthias
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