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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Tue May 11 10:32:31 CDT 2004

Hi Remy!

Remy HAREL schrieb am 2004-05-11 16:24:14:
>  first, unicode is use, so your jid could be japanese characters. I use 
> stringnameprep which seems to be ok.
>  second, matthias at jabber.gicm.net/Gabber and 
> Matthias at jabber.gicm.net/Gabber  are the same users where as their md5 
> sums are different. so I have to test it. Once I've tested it, I've seen 
> that string prep has convert Matthias to matthias, so it's allright.
>  So, since I use stringprep_nameprep, I think it's ok and my md5 sums 
> are rights, and if i have two differents md5 sums, that's probably 
> because that's 2 differents full jids. I have just to make sure and not 
> "probably". Do you understand matthias what I mean ?

You will have to use stringprep_nameprep only for "jabber.gicm.net",
you will have to use stringprep_xmpp_nodeprep for "Matthias" and you
have to use stringprep_xmpp_resourceprep for "Gabber".

You have to prep all parts of a JID separatly, everything else won't
result in correct results.

... and yes after preping the three parts you can hash the JID.

Tot kijk
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