[jdev] Jabber and Flash: (seemingly) unprovoked stream errors

Kirschner, Larry Larry.Kirschner at mtvi.com
Mon May 17 18:16:26 CDT 2004

I'm working on a mutliplayer game where the client is Flash, the server
is a java app server and jabber is used to push game events to an open
flash XMLSocket. I'm using MUC to represent game rooms on the jabber
side. When a new player joins a game room, one piece of information they
get back from the app server is the MUC room they should listen on for
game events. The flash client then connects to jabber, authenticates the
user, and joins the appropriate room. Once the flash client is in the
game's MUC room, it doesn't send anything else to jabber; it just


Sometimes this all works well. Other times, flash successfully connects
to jabber, joins the room, even gets a few events from the room, but
then out of nowhere gets a <stream:error>Disconnected</stream:error> and
jabber closes the connection. Once it gets into this state, the scenario
seems to repeat over and over. I've run TCP dump to see if I'm
inadvertently sending anything to jabber from flash, and I'm not. 

Has anyone come across anything similar? Any idea under what
circumstances jabber would send you a stream:error when you haven't
recently sent anything to jabber? I'm wrote the flash jabber library for
this, but I really have never done much flash programming before; maybe
this is an issue with flash XMLSocket?

Any help on this is greatly greatly appreciated.


Larry Kirschner

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