[jdev] Exodus modifications

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu May 20 10:44:21 CDT 2004

On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 10:34:31AM -0500, Les Seigneur wrote:
> I want to make some slight changes to Exodus and I have some questions
> about how to accomplish this.  I would like to change the default path were
> Exodus stores chat log and file transfers to something other that the My
> Documents folder.  Would I have to use branding to do this?  Would I need to
> change the source code or could I use an installer such as NSIS to
> accomplish this?  I am new at this please excuse my newby like questions.

Hi Les,

There is a list for Exodus development:


You'll probably get faster answers there.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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