[jdev] JabberCOM Connecting through HTTP Proxy

Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad shakeel at naseebnetworks.com
Fri May 21 03:01:21 CDT 2004


I've been reading the archives & regular posts of this list for last few 
weeks.. I'm working with JabberCOM in VC to develope a customized jabber 
client. I'm facing issues when connecting through HTTP Proxy, I have 
recompiled both JabberCOM & Indy 8 (indy8_00_23), which is used by 
jabberCOM to make socket connections, after adding several debug 
messages... It seems like it gets stuck when returning from 
socket.write() method in IdTCPConnection..

Plz. note that this problem is pretty much inconsistent.. ratio of 
getting stuck 1 out of 6 times...

I'm almost at the end of my development phase & this is the only issue 
that is pulling me behid schedule..

Anyone hajving similar experience.. plz. help..

Muhammad Shakeel

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