[jdev] Jabber plugin: WASTE-Key and Myphone-Video-Chat (both Opensource)

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Sat May 22 03:42:37 CDT 2004


you wrote a long mail :)

>So my question is, is there any project up to date, which has the interest to allow WASTE-Buddies to be found over the jabber servers?
not that i know of.

>Is this the right mailinglist to discuss server development or are you only involved with client development?

>Here some of the efarm server developers from the kademlia network have tried some development for a server accepting WASTE-Buddies.
>Why is Miranda/Gab not integrating WASTE-Buddies.
>maybe this need some servermodification, Padlock fom Via (chip) have made some development as well, but was not sucessful to the serverside and is still in development?!
wrong list

>Would be cool to have this tool as well integrated in the jabber clients:
>Then jabber gets video and voice chat as well. 
I think you misunderstand jabber a little bit. Jabber per se is not a 
messenger. It's a messanging protocol and thus the jabber community 
works together on a common platform: the jabber/XMPP protocol.

Integrating video or audio into one messanging implementation compliant 
to xmpp is not enough, there needs to be a protocol definition for video 
and audio - which we have worked out already.

There are some development efforts to move towards a cross media 
messaging protocol based on jabber.


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