[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Nov 30 09:34:37 CST 2004

> No: when I'm DnD for IM, then certainly I'm DnD for VoIP (also known as
> "away"). But when I'm in a voip call, I'm certainly still able to read
> IM messages: this is a presence information, and it can't be guessed
> from the IM presence.

Ah but the presence stanza is intended to indicate your IM presence not your 
phone presence if that is something separate, if you really do need to 
express your VoIP presence info separately then you must keep it separate 
from the IM presence by not using the <presence/> stanza, what you need to 
look at using is pubsub instead.

> I'm not convinced it isn't presence, as discussed above. And since it is
> presence, I should be able to call my contact right away, not invite
> him/her. Just like once we accepted each other, we're able to send
> messages to each other right away...

As I have shown above I can now see what you are trying to accomplish, what 
you need is to use pubsub to separately represent your VoIP presence (but 
not using jabber:x:oob) if you really think its necessary, I am unconvinced 
its needed but thats just me, if you are on the phone surely you should also 
be "dnd" (On the phone) in your IM presence too, it doesnt stop people 
sending you messages, it just lets people know you are on the phone (as it 
should IMO).

> I thought I had been precise enough: my main motivation is to develop
> some convenient and clean way to enable voip in gaim using jabber.
> Reading jabber documentation is a mean towards the goal, not the goal
> himself. I'm not saying "I don't want to develop".
> I think the jabber:x:oob trick is both standard -- and respects the
> spirit of what presence should be.

No now I can see what you are trying to do jabber:x:oob is not the correct 
solution to expressing that you are in a VoIP call, the only thing 
jabber:x:oob should ever be used for is to send VoIP URI's to people to 
invite them into that call, trying to use it to express to others that you 
are in a VoIP call is simply wrong and will not work correctly with most 
existing clients, as receiving such a URI in "jabber:x:oob" will trigger 
most clients that support oob to ask the user if they want to join the call 
that they have just been sent (as that is what "jabber:x:oob" is supposed to 
be for).

Overall tho I am not sure you are quite understanding things correctly, the 
presence stanza is not intended to communicate anything other than your IM 
presence, if you want to express VoIP presence as something different from 
the IM presence it must be carried using pubsub just as other protocols for 
communicating such things user mood have done (these protocols are 
collectively known as extended presence). Also "jabber:x:oob" is not 
intended to communicate anything other than a URI which in the case of VoIP 
URI's will always be an invitation to the indicated VoIP session, it cannot 
be used to indicate a user is currently in a call, and in any case 
indicating that a user is in a VoIP call using a VoIP URI which is received 
by people that are not in the call is a potensial security hole as only 
people actually in the call should ever have that information.


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