[jdev] Re:Looking for a good Java API

Zhong Li webjabber at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 03:52:14 CDT 2005

Hi Pete,

I developed WebJabber based on JSO. For developing client side, I used
most of JSO API. Only three bugs I found and post on jso project. One
is  serious one. Sometime use null, sometime  use "". I just fixed the
signin problem. I don't know if other bugs should caused. Honestly,
the whole structure is pretty good. Just now, maintain isn't good.

If you like, you can check my code. 90% Jabber client functions are
there. Some cool stuff, like file transfer, photo for vCard. You can't
find in B-Talk and JWChat.

Although it is web-based. It pretty easy to change to Java
Application. I wise somebody like to implement it. I just have other
idea, no time to do it.

Another sorry thing is no document.

You can get code from webjabber.net

Good luck,

Zhong Li

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