[jdev] Why are we doing math on socket handles?

Tim Anderson tima at predator-software.com
Mon Apr 4 15:08:58 CDT 2005

in mio_connect:

fd = socket(sa.ss_family,SOCK_STREAM,0)

and in mio_fd

if(fd >= m->maxfd)
   mio_debug(ZONE,"fd to high");
   return -1;

I know I'm a stupid windows programmer, but who cares what value the socket
handle is? There's a malloced array that uses the socket handle as an index,
obviously. This just seems inherently silly. There's also a problem in that
SOME of these maximum numbers are configurable:

r->mio = mio_new(r->io_max_fds);
c2s->mio = mio_new(c2s->io_max_fds);

and some are hard coded:

r->mio = mio_new(1023);
s2s->mio = mio_new(1024);
sm->mio = mio_new(1024);

So 1) Why are we doing math on socket handles? 2) I'm assuming adding this
into the configuration files is the right way to work around this problem. I
always thought hard coding numbers in code was bad. I guess that's just a
silly habit picked up by coding in windows instead of unix all these years.

tima at predator-software.com

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