[jdev] Why are we doing math on socket handles?

Tim Anderson tima at predator-software.com
Mon Apr 4 17:06:53 CDT 2005

Perhaps we can drop the sarcasm.  Surely they are enough warts on all of
us To spend the rest of the day pointing them out.

OK, that was probably uncalled for. I tend to get more than my fair share of
grief simply because I don't spend my every waking hour tweaking the Linux
kernel or reveling in sed scripts.

Maxfd is used in select() to tell the operating system the highest
numbered Fd that interests you in __this__ particular call to select()

Windows ignores this particular number in it's calls to select so there
isn't much I can do in that regard.

After searching the 2s6 code I don't see the use of select or the wrapped up
mio_select anywhere. Did I miss something? I think this would suggest you
aren't gauranteed particular handle values under any OS.

There just seems something fundementally flawed about using the handle
values the OS gives you as anything meaningful - except possibly for a
dictionary lookup. I also have a problem with using signals as process
control, but I can easily state that particular bias is due to my windows


#include <stereotypical unix programming nerd jokes.h>
#include <stereotypical windows programming nerd jokes.h>

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