[jdev] Group chat with Pandion developers

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Tue Apr 5 02:13:39 CDT 2005


I heartily agree. However, Jive Messenger won't support s2s until the
next release. Rest assured that the chats will accept s2s connections as
soon as it's possible.


> It seems the chat is not available through s2s from other 
> servers than jivesoftware.org -- that is not nice IMHO. A 
> great thing about Jabber is its open network, as opposite to 
> other IM "islands". But we have more and more of such islands 
> now: pubsub.com service, jivesoftware.org chats... I know 
> that may be caused by some technical problems, but those 
> problems should be solved sooner than later, not to break the 
> XMPP image as an open network everyone may join.
> Greets,
>         Jacek

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