[jdev] Real-world data forms?

Phil Wilson p.wilson at zoo-tech.com
Tue Apr 5 11:37:18 CDT 2005

> On Apr 5, 2005 8:35 AM, Phil Wilson <p.wilson at zoo-tech.com> wrote:
> > Can someone point me to a working use of Data Forms for 
> something other than
> > service registration? I'm sure there must be something out 
> there. Cheers :)

> All implementations of MU-C use Data Forms for room configuration.
> Works great. All implementations that I've seen have different
> configurable values, so it's a perfect example of how Data Forms
> allows stuff to be abstracted away.

Ah, I didn't know that. I'll have a look. 

Ideally though, I'm after a service or bot which uses Data Forms, for me to
do some testing against.



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