[jdev] Gossip and gnomemeeting

Julien PUYDT julien.puydt at laposte.net
Sat Apr 9 10:28:01 CDT 2005


this is a follow-up to an old discussion on that list ; more 
specifically this mail has a nice mockup (thanks again to R.Dobson) of 
the goal:

 I finally have patches for both gnomemeeting (VoIP client) and gossip 
(Jabber client) mostly ready.

As gossip isn't ready yet for discovery, I only have what comes after 
the disco discussion (beginning at the "Task 2").

The last annoying part (apart from getting the patches in both trees and 
ironing out the bugs) is the use of the http://jabber.org/protocol/voip 
<http://jabber.org/protocol/voip%27> namespace ; shouldn't I register it 
somewhere before I make use of it in public servers?

Until now I conducted almost all tests on my lan (only a single one with 
a friendly beta test on internet). I would like to make some beta 
packages available to get more testers, but won't do it until someone 
confirms me everything is alright.

Snark on #gnomemeeting

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