[jdev] Sending message to Yahoo! Messenger

Qaz Imarus qazimarus at yahoo.com.sg
Sun Apr 10 21:12:16 CDT 2005

Hi all. 
I try to send message to user in Y! Messenger Roster
my Jabber client,
Is the method same when I send to any JID ?
For example: I have logged in using
myjid at somejabber.org 
and somejabber.org has
Yahoo Transport, which shows my buddy as 
mybuddy at yahoo.somejabber.org and I also has
my_yahoo_id at yahoo.somejabber.org

Which from the following is correct if i want to send
mybuddy at yahoo.somejabber.org ??
Please help, I'm stucked

       to='mybuddy at yahoo.somejabber.org/someresource'
       from='my_yahoo_id at yahoo.somejabber.org'
     <body>Is this correct?</body>

       to='mybuddy at yahoo.somejabber.org/someresource'
       from='myjid at somejabber.org'
     <body>Or this one ??</body>

Or may be both of them are incorrect ??
So, anybody know it ??

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