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Chandan Teckchandani chandan at adobe.com
Mon Apr 11 03:32:33 CDT 2005

Try Net::Jabber 1.28, hopefully it will work then.


> Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 16:23:23 -0500
> From: Les Seigneur <les at uark.edu>
> Subject: [jdev] Net::Jabber and SSL
> To: jdev at jabber.org
> Message-ID: <0IEN00MJ2CQW70 at mailhost.uark.edu>
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
> Is there a problem with Net::Jabber and SSL?  I am trying to use a script 
> to
> connect to my Jabber server using Net::Jabber but I cannot seem to connect
> to port 5223 using SSL.  I will admit that I don't know much about Perl or
> Net::Jabber so any help with this is appreciated.  See the connect line
> below.
> $Connection->Connect(hostname=>"jabber2.uark.edu",port=>5223,ssl=>1);
> I have the debug level set to 2 and the debug output looks like this:
> [jabber at jabber2 scripts]$ ./connect.test.pl
> XML::Stream: new: hostname = (jabber2.uark.edu)
> XML::Stream: SetCallBacks: tag(node) func(CODE(0x8f61698))
> XMPP::Conn: SetCallBacks: tag(message) func(CODE(0x8f67ae4))
> XMPP::Conn: SetCallBacks: tag(presence) func(CODE(0x8f617f4))
> XMPP::Conn: SetCallBacks: tag(iq) func(CODE(0x8f61794))
> XMPP::Conn: SetDirectXPathCallBacks:
> xpath(/[@xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-tls"]) func(CODE(0x8f67df0))
> XMPP::Conn: SetDirectXPathCallBacks:
> xpath(/[@xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"]) func(CODE(0x8f69ed0))
> XMPP::Conn: Connect: host(jabber2.uark.edu:5223) namespace(jabber:client)
> XMPP::Conn: Connect: timeout(10)
> XML::Stream: Connect: type(tcpip)
> XML::Stream: Connect: Convert normal socket to SSL
> XML::Stream: Connect: sock(IO::Socket::INET=GLOB(0x8f6a14c))
> XML::Stream: LoadSSL: Load the IO::Socket::SSL module
> step1  step2[jabber at jabber2 scripts]$
> If I change the port to 5222 and set ssl=>0 it connects just fine.
> $Connection->Connect(hostname=>"jabber2.uark.edu",port=>5222,ssl=>0);
> As you can see the last line of the debug references the IO::Socket::SSL
> module.  Is there a problem with the IO::Socket::SSL module?  At first I
> suspected my SSL configuration on my jabber server but it fails the same 
> way
> on two other jabber servers that I have tried to connect to.  Still, I am
> not ruling out my SSL setup on my server. Any help will be very much
> appreciated.  This is about to kill my Jabber deployment for good.
> Les Seigneur

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