[jdev] Changing delivery presence

Leonardo Galicia Jiménez valkyreii at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 14:12:55 CDT 2005

>>Presence delivery rules are pretty core to most server implementations,
>>so you will probably need to write a server module to do this

I was afraid about that, so that means that i have to modify the source code 
of jabber server and rebuilding it.

>>(not sure what server implementation you are using).

I just download jabberd 2.x source code for study this implementation. If 
anyone has information about this i really will appreciate.

>>For geolocation, it is recommended to use pubsub rather than overloading

yes, certainly pubsubscribe and geolocation (jep-0080 and jep-0060) help to 
disclose geolocation information to other users but don't address the IETF 
geopriv requirements and it is not possible to put rules that govern the 
delivery geolocation information to other users.

Thanks you very much Peter.


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