[jdev] Changing delivery presence

Leonardo Galicia Jiménez valkyreii at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 15:27:55 CDT 2005

> > yes, certainly pubsubscribe and geolocation (jep-0080 and jep-0060) help 
> > disclose geolocation information to other users but don't address the 
> > geopriv requirements and it is not possible to put rules that govern the
> > delivery geolocation information to other users.
>Why not? It seems to me you could build a GEOPRIV-compatible application
>on top of a publish-subscribe foundation. I think that might make more
>sense than hacking the core server's presence handling.

Hi Peter.

yes, you are right, but using publish-subscribe foundation for build a 
GEOPRIV-compatible application
on top of this service, means too modify the source code of jabber server 
(publish-subscribe module) because the publish-subscribe service needs to 
apply the rules when it receive a "publish" geolocation information before 
delivering it to subcribed users. With Jep-0060 i can't do this or perhaps i 
am interpreting incorrectly this jep behaivor.

Thanks you.

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