[jdev] Changing delivery presence

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Apr 11 16:31:27 CDT 2005

> yes, you are right, but using publish-subscribe foundation for build a 
> GEOPRIV-compatible application
> on top of this service, means too modify the source code of jabber server 
> (publish-subscribe module) because the publish-subscribe service needs to 
> apply the rules when it receive a "publish" geolocation information before 
> delivering it to subcribed users. With Jep-0060 i can't do this or perhaps 
> i am interpreting incorrectly this jep behaivor.

What exactly are these "rules" that you speak of?

There is no reason you cannot build this on pubsub (presence is just another 
kind of pubsub afterall), depending on what you want to change in the 
presence handling code you may end up making your server non IETF RFC 
compliant making your hacked implementation incompatible with the rest of 
the XMPP world, which is IMO a very bad thing. Building what you want to 
ontop of pubsub shouldnt be hard and there is no reason you couldnt create a 
JEP if you need to make any modifications to extend the protocol, it also 
has the benefit of not risking making your server RFC uncompliant and 


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