[jdev] Changing delivery presence

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Mon Apr 11 23:51:16 CDT 2005

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 05:57:45 +0200, Leonardo Galicia Jiménez  
<valkyreii at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Now suppose this scenario, i am in my building's company and my  
> geolocation information is changing frecuently, i use a PDA and my  
> jabber client know where i am and publish this information to my  
> co-workers, all my co-workers have authorization to see my geolocation  
> information. However i want that some co-workers know only if i am in  
> the building or not, because is all information they need. When i am in  
> the cafeteria or the bathroom i don't like to disclose this information  
> to anyone, my geolocation is only available to some co-workers from  
> monday to friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and finally i want that some  
> co-workers can susbcribe to my geolocation information for 24 hrs only  
> after that they don't receive more that information.
> This issues are adressed by IETF Geopriv workgroup, and they create a  
> set of rules in xml format and they published it in a draft that manage  
> above requirements. This rules determine how the geolocation information  
> reach to each subscriber.
> My question is, there is a way that i can do this or somenthing similar  
> without affect the code jabber server?. There is a way for publishing  
> information, process it with some entity and after that disclose it?
> I really will appreciate any suggestion.

You should do this with a modified PubSub server. Take a look at Section  
"8.1.2 Create a New Node" of JEP-0060. In particular look at the  
<configure/> node. In section "8.2.1 Configure a Node" it is explained how  
you can use it. It probably doesn't quite suit you just yet.

However, then look up just a bit in section 8.2. It states:  
"Implementations SHOULD use the Data Forms protocol to allow the node  
owner to accomplish the configuration". A long while ago by now, it took  
me a long discussion with some of the people involved in making this JEP  
to change that into the SHOULD it is today from the MUST it used to be.  
I'm glad to see a real use case for what I was thinking of at the time. I  
still think MAY is better than SHOULD, but it should work now too.

What this means is that now, you can use ANY XML format to configure your  
node. In this case, GeoPriv XML. As you can see, modifying a PubSub can be  
done in a protocol compliant way, by making a Geopriv JEP. You can also  
make it work for everyone by running just one modified pubsub server.

You should write a JEP or something else to document the usage of Geopriv.  
A client can then "disco" the PubSub server to see if it supports GeoPriv.  
If it does It can then create a pubsub node with a <configure/> node with  
Geopriv data in it. Make sure to write good security consideration for  
implementation in it of course.

Since you might want to send "normal" configuration data as well (eg  
access control) I think JEP-0060 should better show that it's possible to  
have two or more <configure/> nodes during creation. Also, to be sure I'd  
take a look at the schema of the JEP to see if it is properly in line with  
what the JEP allows as I've described.

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