[jdev] Mil XMPP to replace SOAP?

Fabio Forno fabio.forno at polito.it
Thu Apr 14 09:03:23 CDT 2005

Jones Alasdair wrote:

> If I use XMPP I will be ditching SOAP. The data is all XML, so it could be
> put straight into the XMPP message.

Which is equivalent to document-style SOAP messages when you do not need 
all the extra features of SOAP headers (addressing, logging, security 
etc) ;)

> I mentioned speed, because I have had experience using the Jabberd sever and
> my clients (using MUSE API) with a large number of (small) messages and it
> seemed to queue them up and send them in batches. In some cases, messages
> took about a minute to arrive which is not good enough.

Was the sender a client or compoment? Jabberd does traffic shaping for 
clients and the feature is configurable

> Any comments about security. What is the support for this in XMPP? It would
> be preferable to have multiple security layers to allow clients to specify
> which other clients have access to their data.

The logic of pubsub subscriptions, where node visibility is configurable 
will work, then if you want to protect messages from sniffing you can 
use TLS connections or pgp on each message, servers support them

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