[jdev] Mil XMPP to replace SOAP?

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> Jones Alasdair wrote:
> > If I use XMPP I will be ditching SOAP. The data is all XML, 
> so it could be
> > put straight into the XMPP message.
> Which is equivalent to document-style SOAP messages when you 
> do not need 
> all the extra features of SOAP headers (addressing, logging, security 
> etc) ;)
> > I mentioned speed, because I have had experience using the 
> Jabberd sever and
> > my clients (using MUSE API) with a large number of (small) 
> messages and it
> > seemed to queue them up and send them in batches. In some 
> cases, messages
> > took about a minute to arrive which is not good enough.
> Was the sender a client or compoment? Jabberd does traffic 
> shaping for 
> clients and the feature is configurable

Senders were clients. So your saying that this is totally avoidable with a
few config changes?

> > Any comments about security. What is the support for this 
> in XMPP? It would
> > be preferable to have multiple security layers to allow 
> clients to specify
> > which other clients have access to their data.
> The logic of pubsub subscriptions, where node visibility is 
> configurable 
> will work, then if you want to protect messages from sniffing you can 
> use TLS connections or pgp on each message, servers support them
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