[jdev] Re: Question about Proxy65 support Voice Chat

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Thu Apr 21 01:18:45 CDT 2005

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Matthias Wimmer wrote:
| Hi!
| Zhong Li schrieb:
|>Does anyone know if allow to use proxy65 transfer voice data, not just
|>data file?
|>I am trying to think about add voice function on Jabber. The best way
|>to do it is transfer voice data by Proxy65. It will be high volume
|>consume on it. Does anybody can decide Jabber can support it or not?
|>We have to add it on Jabber someway if not this way.
| As your voice channel will probably use UDP for transport, you should
| also consider using STUN for NAT traversal. It will reduce jitter and
| transfer time compared to sending the data through a proxy65.

You probably would want to use TCP for voice. You would not want to have
an audio stream with someone saying "George Bush has never lied" to end
up with a few packets lost along the way saying "George Bush has lied".
UDP would be good for video though where you can get away with dropping
half a frame or even a whole one since the information essentially
replaces the previous information.

Voice and audio is not like that. You will need to transfer it reliably.

TCP is what SIP/SDP has selected (there's another protocol at that layer
too that's been drafted for use). Their model of getting around NATs and
firewalls is also a lot like proxy65 in that a third party server is used.

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