[jdev] Re: Question about Proxy65 support Voice Chat

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Apr 21 04:18:29 CDT 2005

> Richard's right. UDP is used for transmission of RTP data. The frame size 
> for audio and video packets is about 20-100ms, so dropouts are not a 
> serious threat to communication security.

Cool I thought so, also if whole words went missing in an RTP stream wouldnt 
it be likely that it you were using a TCP connection that that sort of 
network interruption would cause the TCP connection to get disconnected, if 
it wasnt tho you would have the problem of creating a delay in the audio 
transmission that would get longer and longer as the converstation went on, 
better to loose the bits when you have connectivity problems in a live 
conversation than end up creating ever longer delays, it is a "live" 
conversation afterall.


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